vendredi 8 août 2008

version preliminaire 0.0.7 de munin node pour Mac OS X

En ce 08/08/2008, voici une nouvelle version de ma version préliminaire de munin-node pour Mac OS X.

Il y a maintenant six plugins:
cpu, df, load, processes, uptime, users

Bien entendu vous êtes libres d'écrire des plugins supplémentaires :)

Pour l'utiliser, téléchargez ce fichier et allez dans /usr/local et décompressez le fichier (créez /usr/local s'il n'existe pas déjà)
$ sudo mkdir /usr/local
$ cd /usr/local
$ sudo tar --preserve -zxvf munin-1.2.5-pbn-macosx-experimental-0.0.7.tar.gz

Un répertoire /usr/local/munin-1.2.5-pbn-experimental a été créé

Lisez ensuite la suite des instructions dans le fichier readme.txt

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DCam a dit…


Just tried out your package on Leopard + MacPorts. Followed the readme.txt instructions. I HAD to reboot. Only after rebooting I was able to use launchctl to start it up. Before that I got a "no process found" message.

Now after starting I get the message "2008/09/09-23:25:11 MyPackage (type Net::Server::Fork) starting! pid(235)
Binding to TCP port 4949 on host *
Setting gid to "500 500"
Setting uid to "4294967294"
Couldn't become uid "4294967294"
In pre_loop_hook.
Use of uninitialized value in eval {block} exit at /usr/local/munin-1.2.5-pbn-experimental/usr/sbin/munin-node line 369, <CHILD> line 15.
" in the munin log.

Apparently this uid should be nobody or nfsnobody, but my system doesn't understand it. I can see you had this problem around August 3rd, because you are putting your logs in to the package! How did you get around it. Is that uid part of Fink?

Pierre Bauduin a dit…

Hi there and thanks for your interest in my munin-node 0.0.7 for Mac OS X :)

You need to use the munin-node file I have supplied, which should be in /usr/local/munin-1.2.5-pbn-experimental/usr/sbin/munin-node, not the munin-node file that comes with macports or fink. This should solve that issue with gids and uids.

Also don't forget to read the readme.txt in my .tar.gz, it will explain you how to create the munin group :)


DCam a dit…

Yes, the problem was a bad /etc/munin/munin-node.conf left over from my attempt to install from source. So, after "mv /etc/munin /etc/munin.ports" things worked well. The search order for the config file must look in /etc before /usr/local/.../etc

2008/09/14-08:18:20 MyPackage (type Net::Server::Fork) starting! pid(14068)
Binding to TCP port 4949 on host *
Setting gid to "150 150"
Setting uid to "4294967294"
Couldn't become uid "4294967294"
In pre_loop_hook.

Is the 'Couldn't become uid "4294967294"' message expected?

Also, 'sudo launchctl stop localhost.munin-node' doesn't stop the munin daemon. It doesn't seem to effect it at all. I have to use kill to stop it. But, maybe I just don't understand launchctl.

mbp:munin-1.2.5-pbn-experimental user$ sudo launchctl stop localhost.munin-node
mbp:munin-1.2.5-pbn-experimental user$ sudo ps -ef | grep munin
-2 14068 1 0 0:00.01 ?? 0:00.02 /usr/local/munin-1.2.5-pbn-experimental/usr/sbin/munin-node

Now to see if I can get a munin server running on Mac OS X.

Pierre Bauduin a dit…

Hi there

Hmmm I had the same problem with the very first version of my munin-node. Basically this is because nobody's uid is 4294967294 (type "id nobody"). In the most recent version of my munin-node the problem is fixed I just double-checked here on my Intel iMac, and nobody's id is 4294967294 and my munin-node *does* start....

This is puzzling :)

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Pierre,

Un simple merci pour ton dev', OSX 10.5.6 sur Unibody 17", serveur sur Debian Lenny x86_64, ça roxe :-)

Au tour de mon iMac 24";-)